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At Happy Home Painting we are professional painters and painting contractors that offer residential and commercial painting services. We believe strongly in the power of color, that a fresh coat of paint can transform your your space, making a house feel more likely home.


We do small and big jobs all the time! Many times we’ve repainted an entire house or done only a few rooms. We’ve helped businesses with small projects and larger scale ones repainting an office building completely. We work doing interiors, exteriors and cabinet painting. We serve Utah County, Salt Lake County and the surrounding areas.


With this blog we hope to share a little bit more about us, explore popular colors, answer frequently asked questions, talk about design and more.


We know that anyone can slap paint on a wall, but our mission goes deeper than that, we want to beautify the world one space at a time (cheesy grin included!) So if you’re ready to get your project going contact us, quotes are always free.


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