Cabinet Painting

Have you looked at your cabinets and thought “Arghhh… I’m so tired of that orange color!” We know replacing them is expensive, so we offer cabinet painting services. Why? Because most cabinets are in great shape, they are just outdated and need to be brought back to life with a new color.

Painting your kitchen cabinets can be the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to give your kitchen a makeover. Oh, and we don’t just do kitchen cabinets and islands, we also paint bathroom vanities, built-in cabinets and more.

Here’s our process for painting cabinets:

  • Furniture, flooring, walls and hardware adjacent to the areas to be painted will be covered and protected.
  • Cabinet doors and drawer fronts will be taken to our shop off-site to be worked on and sprayed. (We will spray our finishes for a smooth look, making your cabinets look like new again!)
  • Cabinet boxes, sides and frames will be worked on at the job site.
  • Cabinets will be sanded, primed, painted and a lacquer top coat will be applied.
  • Cabinet doors, drawer fronts, hinges and handles will be installed again.
  • Your kitchen and bathroom cabinets look like new and are ready to be used again.

What’s the best part? The typical cabinet project takes only 3-4 days! So if you’re ready to get started with your cabinet painting project contact us for your FREE Quote!

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